Same Day Service

Falcon Same Day provides immediate and priority delivery.

Distribution and Logistics

Falcon specializes in providing safe and secure deliveries through customized regional solutions for various industries.

GSA Solutions

Transportation, Delivery and Relocations Solutions, FSC Group: V301, V111 & V112, Contract Number: GS-33F-0039R

Falcon Express Transportation (FXT) is a full service courier, delivery, transportation, and final mile logistics company. Falcon has continuously provided superior ground and delivery courier services in the Mid Atlantic region since 1981.

Our growth has been driven by seasoned leadership and a management structure drawing upon decades of transportation industry experience utilizing the latest technologies.

Maryland State Highway Administration suggests: "Keep an eye on the weather, folks. Tonight and tomorrow will probably get slick in some areas of the state. The rain turning to snow later makes the weather response efforts more difficult than if it was one or the other. If you have to travel tomorrow morning, please delay if possible." ...
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