COVID-19 2020


UPDATE: As the President of Falcon Express, I wanted to reach out to our customers and address the current situation with the Coronavirus. Every day brings new developments related to the virus, and our hearts go out to those who have been impacted. At Falcon, we remain optimistic about the future and hope you feel that way too.

We track COVID Numbers throughout our region. As of mid to late June, instances of new cases in Maryland are down to its lowest point since the early days of this Pandemic. Similarly, new cases are down in Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. The leaders of these jurisdictions are opening back up and allowing commerce to continue! As such, we have also resumed our complete line of service offerings, such as white-glove deliveries and service to retail stores.

We continue, however, practice social-distancing when making a delivery, including “no-contact” deliveries, and to follow the advice and directives of our political leaders.

Many of our staff continue to telework. Those that do come to our facilities are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPEs), such as masks and gloves. We have made modifications to our offices to increase space between associates and hung screens to mitigate the spread of the virus. We require our driver to “mask-up” while making deliveries.

But we are also mindful of increasing numbers of COVID cases in other areas, and we are anticipating a possible “second wave” down the road. However, with the adjustments we have made and protocols we have implemented, we continue to operate at 100% service level, and look forward to continuing to serve our customers efficiently, and most of all, safely!


Joe Ashkin
Falcon Express Transportation, Inc.